Effortless reminders

Easily create reminders for yourself, family and friends using natural language and text messages 🚀


Core Features


No app needed, you can interact with elephant via SMS (imessage or any client, desktop or mobile)

Natural language

No need for configuration, setting a reminder is as simple as: "remind me to buy groceries tomorrow at noon"


Create reminders for your closest friends & family. Just text: "remind mom to call me tomorrow at 2pm"

  • 1
    Setup account for free

    Setup your account by texting (919) 373 6463 with: setup + name + city. Example: setup John New York. Name must be one word. You may add this number to your contacts as Elephant.

  • 2
    Add contacts

    To add a contact, use: add + identifier + phone. Example: add mom 7653332828. Identifier must be one word. Alternatively you can share a vCard contact with Elephant. First name will be used as identifier.

  • 3
    Create reminders

    To create a reminder, use: remind + target + details. Example: remind mom to call me tomorrow at 11AM or remind me to call mom on Friday at 9AM

  • 4

    You can try Elephant for free but if you would like to subscribe to the paid version just text: subscribe. To manage an existing subscription text: subscription

Text (919) 373 6463 with subscribe to purchase

Try it for free

Trial $0/m
    limit of 5 reminders
Need something else? Email contact@elephant.rocks

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not other clients like Whatsapp?

We have a working version that uses whatsapp network in addition to SMS. The problem is that setting up a business whatsapp account is not straight forward and Twilio (our messaging provider) is still in beta.

Someone reminded me. How to disable?

Just reply with "Stop" to completely shutdown Elephant.

How much it costs and how to cancel?

To use beyond the free limit, a subscription costs $5 per month. To subscribe just text "subscribe" to (919) 373 6463. We use Gumroad as our payment platform, to cancel a subscription just go here.

Why only a US number?

We plan to support other numbers from different countries, as of now, we only have a US-based number.